Clutter or Collection?

courtesy Foss Estate Sales

They are clutter if:

  • The dust on them is more than one season year old
  • The newspaper they are wrapped in is more than 10 5 years old
  • They were handed down to you and they are not your taste
  • They are in your storage unit
  • They are packed so tightly in the curio cabinet that there is no space between items
  • Some are broken
  • You bought the third because you already had two (three makes a “collection,” right?)

They are a collection if:

  • You are willing to sell one in order to get a better one
  • The items are documented for insurance purposes
  • They are stored in archival-quality packing material
  • They are displayed with ample space between them
  • You still like them


Donate your clutter to charity. Love and protect your collections.

Photo courtesy Foss Estate Sales.