An Apple Today …

One Apple = 200 lbs of Food

… Keeps the hunger away.

How? By funding 200 pounds of food for each glass apple purchased.

Avalon Glassworks donates $40 cash per apple to White Center Food Bank. Their buying power enables them to obtain food staples at 20 cents per pound, equating to 200 pounds of food.

This project started back in 2008 when White Center Food Bank Executive Director Rick Jump approached us after noticing our fundraising floats for the Museum of the North Beach. Would we be willing to create something special to use as a food bank fundraiser that captured the essence of their mission?

We were ripe for this opportunity. “Feed the Core” was born. Not only was it personally fulfilling, but our customers’ response was positive. The economy was sluggish that year, yet consumers were willing to spend IF they saw their investment go to something larger than a gift for themselves. People felt good about this purchase.

The apple was a natural symbol, achievable in glass, relating to the Food Bank’s identity, and resonant with many in Washington State. Each year we have produced a new color of apple, starting with red and working our way through yellows and greens. So far, we have donated over $24,000 to White Center Food Bank through glass apple sales.

This year’s apple is transparent dark ruby red with a white stem. Each apple comes with a card noting that your purchase has supplied 200 pounds of food to White Center Food Bank. To get yours, call us at 206-937-6369, or visit our West Seattle store located at 2914 SW Avalon Way, Seattle, WA 98126, next door to Luna Park Café.

To learn more about the White Center Food Bank which serves over 63,000 individuals each year in West Seattle, White Center and Burien: